We at NR Designs create interiors and products that are just not functional but aesthetically exquisite. We follow our passion for designing an interior space not just for the sake of it but, for the sole purpose to reflect the dwellers personality living within. From residential, to commercial and hospitality we do it all. We do not have any patent design style because we believe that designing cannot be tamed to one particular Era or aesthetics.

Here at NR Designs we continuously update ourselves with the latest trends, materials and design forecasts. Our main motto is to understand the needs of our clients and present astounding end results within the time frame which is a classic win-win situation since it leaves not just our clients but our team fulfilled and happy as well.

Are you ready to makeover your space?

Why Us

NR Designs is a design centric firm. Our core belief is to consistently educate and re-invent ourselves. We strongly believe that design can enrich and improve a client’s lifestyle and organization. Below are our fundamental values and beliefs that form the foundation of our studio.


Design Innovation is the focus in our practice to create unique solutions.


Creating Positive Environments that influence the way people live, work, learn and heal.


Research consistently to learn and incorporate the current technologies and practices.


Participation in every phase of project from conceptualization to final occupancy


Efficient Integration and collaboration with all related services consultants.


Ensure Delivery of drawings in a timely manner as per project schedule.

Our Services

Free design consultation

Reach out to us for a free design consultation. Upon booking a request, we shall visit your space


We create the design and you handle execution.

Design + build

Full responsibility from creating designs until final execution.We provide interior design consultancy.

After sales service

Our service do not end with presentation & handing over site to the client. We guarantee

Our Portfolio